SERBIA / Viktor Shenderovich, Belgrade

April, 1st
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Viktor Shenderovich is a renowned prose writer and playwright whose creative work gained a wide recognition in the late eighties. His satirical piece "the village of Gadiukino", acted out by Gennady Khazanov, has become an integral part of the Russian folklore. Later, Shenderovich’s journalistic work has become a remarkable phenomenon, and his TV project "Puppets" (‘Kukly') — satirical TV-show that aired on NTV in 1994 — to these days stays widely recognized and highly rated ratedpolitical satire.
On April 1st, Viktor Shenderovich will perform in "The Theater of One Shenderovich", show that is made up of the most iconic stories from his book "Raisin from a Roll". It is a collection of stories — both funny and sad, complex and ironic, that are inspired by the author’s experience or by the lives of Viktor’s contemporaries. These stories, like innumerable pieces of a mosaic, bring to life descriptions of different people and historical eras. Viktor Shenderovich successfully performs in "The Theater of One Shenderovich" all over the world. His creative work is appreciated by many who admire the Russian language and find inspiration in Russian literary masterpieces.

Viktor Shenderovich is a TEFI Award Laureate (1996, 2000), Award that marks highest achievements on Russian TV. Shenderovich is a member of Russian Pen Club and a winner of various international prizes like ‘Golden Ostap' (St. Petersburg’s Festival of Humor), ‘Golden Pen of Russia' and ‘Politically Engaged Journalism.' The Moscow Helsinki Group awarded Shenderovich a prize in the ‘Human Right Advocacy via Culture and Art' category.

April 1st, Belgrade, Vlad Divlyan Cultural Center
Mitropolita Petra 8
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Door: 18:00, show: 19:00

On April 1st, Viktor Shenderovich will perform in "The Theater of One Shenderovich", show that is made up of the most iconic stories from his book, Belgrade, Vlad Divlyan Cultural Center

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