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March, 8th
A well-known journalist and TV host holds a series of performances in connection with the release of the new volume of "Namedni. Our era. 1961−1970". The eleventh book in the series — the largest and most richly illustrated. The author considers the 1960s to be the key years of the Soviet empire. These are the years that are most often leterally cosplayed in today's official Russian politics, which makes consideration of the "events-people-events" of the era especially relevant.

Leonid Parfyonov will also present his other projects: his recent films and the "Namedni" series, which he has managed to continue on YouTube even now, under the conditions of relocation. Leonid will answer viewers' questions and at the end of the meeting he will hold a signing-session with the signature volumes of "Namedni".

Leonid Parfyonov can already be considered a legend in television journalism. He is one of those who created this profession in the 90s. People of the older generation remember him from the golden era of NTV, while young people subscribe to his YouTube channel "Parfenon" where Leonid continues to draw parallels between eras and captivate viewers with his erudition, wisdom and broad view of the world.

March 8th, Sofia, Sofia Balkan Palace.
5, pl. "Sveta Nedelya" Square, 1000 Sofia
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Show: 19:00

Leonid Parfenov’s creative evening March 8th, Sofia, Sofia Balkan Palace

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