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Nov, 22th
TEAL HOUSE is a foundation for creative and spiritual development.

The project was founded by actress Karolina Gruszka and playwright and director Ivan Vyrypaev, along with a group of young artists, most of whom became refugees and migrants and found themselves in Warsaw by fate.
TH team consists of young and talented artists who engage in self-development, enhance their professional skills, provide social assistance to those in need, and create a new, high-quality world around themselves and others.

TEAL HOUSE presents the project "The World of Beautiful Butterflies." It showcases the incredibly deep and beautiful poetry of Ivan Vyrypaev, which penetrates the listener’s heart and leaves no one indifferent.

The World of Beautiful Butterflies is a series of poems performed in a specific order, leading to a genuine connection with oneself and the surrounding space.

Ivan Vyrypaev: "Many of our close friends know that this cycle of poems arose after the death of our dear friend, American actor Kazimir Liske. My family and Kaz were very close. His unexpected passing was a real shock to us, especially for our daughter, who was only 5 years old at the time, and it was her first experience of losing a loved one. Our friend left behind a family, a wife, and a son. And it is to them that we dedicate all our performances."

The poems are performed by the author himself, as well as his wife, Polish theater and film star Karolina Gruszka.

"These poems are very important to me. They lead me to places where it can be scary and lonely, and they help me explore these territories, feel their value and melancholic beauty. They are a source of strength and endless love. And I also feel that they possess healing properties. When you come into contact with them, something inside you transforms, purifies, and releases." - Karolina Gruszka

The final poem is performed by their daughter, Maya Vyrypaev, which adds a sense of completeness, integrity, and harmony.

Ivan Vyrypaev: "These poems are a kind of spiritual therapy, so if you want to experience beautiful, conscious, healing sadness, we will do it together with you. Me, Karolina, and Maya."

November 22th, Riga, Splendid palace
Elizabetes iela 61, Centra rajons, Rīga
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Show: 19:00

Ivan Vyrypaev with poetic performance "The world of beautiful butterflies" November 22th in Riga, Splendid

* Children under 3 years old are admitted free of charge.

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