ISRAEL / Ivan Vyrypaev

June, 17th
from 150 NIS
Tel Aviv
from 180 NIS
June, 18th
Ivan Vyrypayev, Russian and Polish theater and film director, playwright and screenwriter, presents the project The World of Beautiful Butterflies.

The World of Beautiful Butterflies is an incredible in depth and beauty of style poetry by Ivan Vyrypayev, which penetrates into the heart of the listener. It is a series of poems, performed in a certain order so that at the end the listeners experience the effect of a real contact with themselves and the surrounding space.

Ivan Vyrypayev: "Many of our close friends know that this series of poems came about after the death of our close friend, the American actor Casimir Liske. My family and Caz were very close. And his unexpected passing came as a real shock to us. Especially for our daughter, who was only 5 years old at the time and it was the first death of a close person in her life. Our friend had a family, his wife and son. And it is to them that we dedicate all our performances every time".

The poems are performed by the author himself.

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June 17th, Haifa, Rappaport Center
HaNassi Blvd 138, Haifa
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Show: 20:00

June 18th, Tel Aviv, Auditorium Anis Yaffo
Pa’amonit St 9, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Tel Aviv, Israel
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Show: 20:00

Ivan Vyrypaev with poetic performance The World of Beautiful Butterflies, Israel tour

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