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The music of the young singer Nastya Ivanova with the simple nickname "Grechka" first appeared in early 2018 in one of the major VK publics. At that moment, Grechka seemed to many as modest underground bed-room singer, but her work instantly blew up the media space, and for several years thousands of listeners have been closely following her. Her debut album "Stars Only at Night" became a notebook of revelations of a modern teenage girl from a small town.

Following the unexpected success for Grechka herself, performances at the country’s largest festivals followed. The first lines of the line-ups allowed many to see the singer live for the first time, and the unconditional support of the audience cemented the status of a rising star.

Now in your ears is one human life. Singer Grechka is growing up before our eyes, and her lyrics are changing along with her. Before us is complete frankness, because music for Nastya is an expression of feelings and own emotions.

Batumi, Georgia
Backdoor bar (4 Sherif Khimshiashvili St, Batumi 6000)

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