CZECH REPUBLIC / Leonid Gozman & Maksim Kournikov, Prague

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March, 10th
Maksim Kournikov and Leonid Gozman.

"Free People in an Unfree Country.
Psychology and History of Freedom in Russia."

The artistic and philosophical conceptualization of freedom has occupied a central role in the Russian literary tradition for several centuries.
Hundreds years of slavery and decades of totalitarianism have left a deep mark on the cultural code of a society doomed to survive in defiance of the regime.

Maksim Kournikov (ex-deputy editor-in-chief of Ekho Moskvy, head of ECHO) & Leonid Gozman (public and political figure, PhD in Psychology).

They will discuss the psychology and history of freedom in Russia — the struggle for freedom in an unfree country.

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March 10th, Prague, Kulturní dům Ládví
Burešova, 2, Kobylisy, 182 00 Praha 8
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Show: 19:00

Free people in an unfree country Leonid Gozman & Maksim Kournikov psychology and history of freedom in Russia on March 10th in Prague, Kd Ládví

* Children under 3 years old are admitted free of charge.

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