ISRAEL / Ekaterina Schulman & Maksim Kournikov

from 200 NIS
April, 14th
Tel Aviv
from 220 NIS
April, 15th
Ekaterina Schulman is a well-known political scientist and publicist, PhD in political science and a popular speaker on Russian lawmaking. Her ability to talk in simple language, reasonably but with characteristic humour about complex things happening in the political world has gotten her millions of viewers in different countries. Ekaterina is the rare speaker who receives a standing ovation at the beginning of the event when she takes the stage and at the end of the meeting.

Together with journalist Maksim Kournikov, she hosts the weekly author programme Status on the YouTube channels Bild and Jivoy Gvozd. Ekaterina Schulman and Maksim Kournikov will discuss April 14th in Haifa, April 15th in Tel Aviv and in the second part of the event they will interact with the audience and answer questions from the audience. Save the date!

The language of the event is Russian.

April 14th, Haifa, Auditorium Krieger
Eliyahu Khakim St 6, Haifa
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Show: 19:00

April 15th, Tel Aviv, Bet hahayal
60 Weizmann Street, Tel Aviv
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Show: 19:00

Political scientist Ekaterina Sсhulman & journalist Maksim Kournikov, Israel tour

* Children under 3 years old are admitted free of charge.
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