SERBIA/ Ekaterina Schulman & Maksim Kournikov, Belgrade

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June, 25th
Ekaterina Schulman is a well-known political scientist and publicist, PhD in political science and a popular speaker on Russian lawmaking. Her ability to talk in simple language, reasonably but with characteristic humour about complex things happening in the political world has gotten her millions of viewers in different countries. Ekaterina is the rare speaker who receives a standing ovation at the beginning of the event when she takes the stage and at the end of the meeting.

"Status" is Ekaterina Shulman’s weekly political and educational program, which has been very popular for many years on Echo of Moscow, now in a live format.
Together with her co-host Maxim Kurnikov, Ekaterina Shulman analyzes the current agenda, not missing both the main topics and important aspects of modern politics, culture and social life that escape the eye of the common man.
We invite you to the live broadcast of the program at the mts Dvorana in Belgrade.

After the end of the program filming, visitors will have a unique opportunity to talk to the presenters in a question-and-answer format.

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The language of the event is Russian.

June 25th, Belgrade, mts Dvorana
Dečanska 14, Beograd 11000
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Show: 19:30

Political and educational program "Status" with political scientist Ekaterina Sсhulman & journalist Maksim Kournikov on June 25th in Belgrade, mts Dvorana

* Children under 3 years old are admitted free of charge.

* You can get a refund for tickets only in case of cancellation.

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