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May, 6th
Dmitry Glukhovsky is a writer, journalist, screenwriter and radio host. Author of the novels "Metro 2033", "Text", "Twilight", the collection "Stories about the Motherland". Author of the script for the series "Topi", released on "Kinopoisk" in 2021. For anti-war statements in Russia received the status of "foreign agent". Lives in exile.

"In my novels I passionately drew apocalyptic scenarios, but in reality I could not believe that such monstrous barbarism, such senseless cruelty, such gullibility of the people towards such unapologetic lies of propaganda were possible in the twenty-first century. However, the war has begun and has been going on for the second year already. And it was started by Russia, it was started by my native country …
In almost all my articles I try to look into the future and guess what awaits us: dashing and wild, tipsy and memoryless Russian life gives birth to an insatiable demand for prediction, for hope…
But it seems to me more important not prognostic, but diagnostic part of my book. Because, without understanding our complexes and aspirations, our traumas and dreams, our resentments and delusions, there is no way to understand how and why we found ourselves in a historical dead end, in a semantic trap, in the position of murderers caught in the act and carrying something incoherent".

Dmitry Glukhovsky. "We. Diary of the Fall" - Vidim Books Publishing, 2024
The book "We. Diary of the Fall" is Dmitry Glukhovsky’s attempt to answer the question "What happened to Russia?". The journalistic notes, each of which is just a reaction to news and trivia, add up to a history of Putin’s regime from 2012 to the war in Ukraine. Already from today, moving step by step from event to event, Glukhovsky shows how freedom and democracy disappeared, how the security agencies became brutalized, how the ghosts of the USSR returned, how the state ideology became militarized, and how the country prepared for war. "We. Diary of a Fall" shows with disconcerting clarity how much we refused to see as Russia methodically and consistently marched toward belligerent tyranny.

May 6th, Tel Aviv, Auditorium "Klyachkin"
Chaim Levanon St 2, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
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Presentation of Dmitry Glukhovsky’s new book "What will happen to the motherland and to us" on May 6th in Tel Aviv, Auditorium "Klyachkin"

* Children under 3 years old are admitted free of charge.
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