LATVIA / 5'nizza, Riga

May, 3rd
From 50 EUR
May 3rd, Riga, PALLADIUM
Marijas street 21, Centra rajons, Rīga, LV-1011, Latvia
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Door: 19:00, show: 20:00.
5'nizza is a Ukrainian reggae-hip-hop-funk band of two talented artists, Sergey Babkin and Andrey Zaporozhets (SunSay). Each of the two musicians has their own successful solo projects, but fans always look forward to their joint recognition on stage. They broke into radio airs at the beginning of the 2000s with the hits "I'm a Soldier", "Ty kidal", "Spring", "Jamaica" and many others. Sincere delivery, bright lyrics and incredible energy that they see with their own eyes, captivated listeners around the world.

During their creative activity, they released three albums and composed several dozen cool songs. All the tracks of the 5'nizza band are united by warmth, kindness and faith in the best.

Sergey Babkin and Andrey Zaporozhets will perform all the most famous hits of the 5'nizza band. Save the date!

May 3rd, 5'nizza live in Riga, PALLADIUM

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