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Nov, 15th
Mikhail Kozyrev is a major influencer and one of the biggest producers when it comes to the post soviet rock’n’roll scene in Russia. Media manager, journalist, TV-host — he is the man behind the legendary rock-radio stations in modern Russia — Radio Maximum, Ultra and Nashe Radio.

It is him who created from scratch the Maxidrom Festival, Nashestive and Chartova Dyuzhina. Thanks to him we have OST to the Brat-2 film which has been (and still is) a huge fenomena and influence to the next generations of not only musicians, but actually the whole country that just survived the so called "nineties".

It was Mikhail who has brought to the big audience such bands as Bi-2, Zemfira, Spleen, Agata Kristi, Okean Elzy, Chicherina and many-many others.

On this tour Mikhail Kozyrev is searching for the answer to the big question — how did the rock’n’roll spirit of freedom and protest for some turned out to be a way of getting into a friendship with the authorities that started the most cruel war of our time?

How did it become possible that rock heroes turned into greedy and voiceless pro-war pro-Putin pawns instead of being the voice of rebellion?

There is no better person to find the answers to those questions.

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November 15th, Tel Aviv, Auditorium Anis Yaffo
Pa'amonit St 9, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Tel Aviv, Israel
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Show: 20:00.

Mikhail Kozyrev with program "Not mine Rock'n'Roll", November 15th in Tel Aviv, Auditorium Anis Yaffo

* Children under 3 years old are admitted free of charge.
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